API's Pharmacy division serves more than 2,500 customers daily from a network of Distribution Centres around Australia.

API Pharmacy provides a full line product delivery service to pharmacists nationally. The major warehouses hold more than 15,000 product lines, sourced from more than 100 suppliers, and includes all products listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. This enables pharmacists to order the products they need on a daily basis and ensures that community pharmacies can guarantee access to medicines for all Australians regardless of where they live.

API Pharmacy also provides a range of business and marketing services to independent pharmacies across Australia to assist them in running their pharmacies. Pharmacists can choose to become a member of an API pharmacy brand or banner group. Depending on the brand or banner chosen it provides a certain level of business services, tools and programs.

The choices are:

  • Traditional Banners: Soul Pattinson & Chemworld

  • Compliant Franchise: Priceline Pharmacy

  • Professional Health Model: Pharmacist Advice

  • Independent Program: Offers a suite of retail & professional health services

The formats include services such as:

  • Buying expertise and strength

  • Category management services

  • Store design and shop-fitting services

  • Professional Health services

  • Disease State Management

  • Nursing Home & Doctor alliances

  • Home healthcare

  • Data services

  • Catalogue design and production

  • Local Area Marketing

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Private Label programs

  • Generic solutions

  • Business partner programs

  • Finance solutions

  • Pharmacy sale

Complementing these capabilities is API’s leading edge technology, ensuring customers receive their orders efficiently and on time.

API Pharmacy prides itself on its customer relationships and has a national structure staffed by industry professionals with years of experience in healthcare.