Operating Divisions

API operates three divisions; Pharmacy, Retail and Consumer. There are common customers and some overlap between the divisions but they are managed separately so that each is focussed on maximising a return for the company.

The Pharmacy division is one of Australia’s leading providers of services to independent community pharmacies. Its primary service is the daily distribution of products to pharmacies through its network of distribution centres throughout Australia. This delivery cycle helps ensure that Australians are able to access all medicines from their local pharmacy within 24 hours no matter where they live. The division also provides a range of marketing and business services for pharmacists that assist them in day to day operations and enable them to provide a more competitive offer to consumers.

The Retail division is at the forefront of health and beauty retailing in Australia. API owns and operates the well known Priceline brand that was established in 1981. Today there are 150 Priceline corporate stores nationwide. Since 2002 it has also operated the Priceline Pharmacy brand as a franchise business. A Priceline Pharmacy can only be owned and operated by a pharmacist. Today Priceline Pharmacy is one of the fastest growing retail brands in Australia, opening approximately 50 new stores each year. There are now more than 115 Priceline Pharmacy outlets open. API also owns the Price Attack retail brands which are franchise operation. Price Attack is the national market leader in the hair care industry with 133 retail stores.

The Consumer division is based in New Zealand. It is a niche player in the OTC pharmaceuticals and toiletries markets with manufacturing facilities in Auckland. It supplies products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Apart from manufacturing it has a sales arm which has a core competency in health related products, such as vitamins, minerals and health supplements.